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At 'Happy Feet Happy Sole' we pride ourselves on our high quality care. We ensure patients are treated with a reliable professional service which is easily accessible. We understand that people are different and each treatment is tailored towards the patients’ need's.  

Chiropodists/Podiatrists can help you with :-

  • Cutting your nails.
  • Treatment of Thickened nails.
  • Treatment of Ingrowing toe nails. 
  • Treatment Corns & callus.  
  • Treatment Verruca & Warts   
  • Treatment Fungal infections of the skin & Nails.  
  • Treatment of Dry & Cracked heels.
  • Advice with Footcare & Footwear.
  • Sports injuries. Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Anterior Compartment syndrome.
  • Biomechanical problems ;- Biomechanical problems can arise from the way your joints and muscles are aligned, if you suffer with pain in the foot, knee, hip or lower back. A Custom made orthotic may be needed.
  • High risk patients are those considered to be at greater risk of either infection or ulceration. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Circulatory problems, Neurological problems, and types of arthritis you may be at greater risk.
  • Podopeadiatrics deals with Children and young Adults, problems such as In-toeing, Tip-Toe walking, Growing Pains, Flat foot, Knock Knees and much more.

Podiatric management may be curative, preventative or require long term palliative care.


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